Creative Blogging Reflection

1. In your opinion, what was the purpose of the Creative Blogging class?

I thought the purpose of creative blogging class was to help us with our blogging skills and writing skills. I thought so because it helped us improve our blogging skills by letting us each making a blog of our own that had a certain theme. I thought it increased our writing skills because we created different types of posts and wrote reflections on other blog posts.

2. How did your writing improve throughout the class?

Give at least one specific example to support your thoughts. My writing improved throughout this class because when I just started Creative Blogging class, I didn’t go through the writing process very well. I often wrote reflections with many grammar and spelling mistakes and posted them on to my blog. I thought that I’ve improved on my editing skills because I now have posts that show clear evidence of the writing process. One example would be my Halloween dance article. I thought that my Halloween dance article was well- revised and edited, it didn’t have any grammar or spelling mistakes.

3. How can you use what you learned in Creative Blogging in the future, either in or out of school?

I could use the blogging skills I learned in the future to help me with my school blog, I now know more about using a blog than before. I could also use the blogging skills I’ve learned in creative blogging class in blogs I make in the future. I would know how to use the blog and what to post on a blog.

Opinion Post: Lady 7 Photostory

Weeks ago, I went to this café called Lady 7. I thought it was a very unique café, and I really enjoyed eating there.

Here we are at the front door of Lady 7. The bright, exclusive symbol of ‘Lady 7’ was one of the reasons why my mom, my sister and I decided to eat at this café.

As I walked into Lady 7, I noticed the pretty pattern on the smooth cement floor. A waitress saw us, quickly walked over, and lead us up the stairs.

Here’s a statue of a pink dog waiting beside the stairs; I thought it was an interesting statue to have in a restaurant.

As I walked up the stairs, I saw another statue of a dog, a green one. It was waiting patiently on the stairs, ready to greet any customer that walks by.

When I arrived up the stairs, I was astonished by how cozy the organizations of the tables, sofas and chairs were. I immediately felt a warmth feeling of home.

Finally, we sat down beside the window and started to order.

As I fipped through the menu, admiring the wonderful pictures of desserts, a picture of Cinderella’s high heal shoe appeared in front of my eyes. I thought it was odd to have a shoe in a restaurant menu. Then I suddenly realized that it wasn’t a shoe, but it was chocolate- chocolate on butter and toast! I was very shocked and surprised!

I continue to scavenge for something to eat. What came to my eyes was a tropical blast drink of peach and orange. When it arrived at my table, I drank it all with no regrets!

Here we have my main course; Mexican beef wraps. They tasted sort of like burritos, but way better (no offense to burritos). I gobbeld it all up in less than a second!

Here’s my sister’s main course, a plate of spahgetti, fries, and stewed beef. The six- year-old loved it and ended up with tomato spaghetti sauce all over her face.

My mom wasn’t hungry at all, so she didn’t order anything. Our last course was dessert!

It was a new type of dessert I’ve never tried before: cubed toast with butter, ice cream, and honey. It tasted wonderful! I loved the creamy taste of butter, with icy vanilla ice cream, on soft crunchy tost, dipped in sugar- sweet honey.

If I were to rate Lady 7 on a scale of 1 to 5, I would rate 5 / 5, because it was a really unique restaurant that made customers feel welcomed. It also had many new types of mounth- watering food that looked marvelous and tasted wonderful!

Fried Pickles

“Fried pickles? Is that even edible?” This might be most people’s reaction to fried pickles. Will the answer is… Yes! I know fried pickles might sound a little weird to some people, but it’s actually a very tasty snack. In- fact, I’ve just read about a recipe for fried pickles: Here’s how you make it:


– 1 cup flour

– ¼ cup corn starch

– 1 teaspoon baking powder

– ¼ teaspoon salt

– 1 egg

– ½ cup water

– ½ cup pickle juice

– 10 large pickles

– Vegetable oil


1. Mix 1 cup flour,¼ cup corn starch, 1 teaspoon baking powder, and ¼ teaspoon salt in a bowl. Slowly, whisk in the water, dill pickle juice and egg until the mixture is smooth. Then, place in a refrigerator for 20-30 minutes.

2. While waiting, take the pickles and slice them into 1/8-1/4 inch thick and place aside.

3. Heat oil in a pan at medium heat, making a pool about 3 inches deep to be able to fry the pickles in.

4. Dip the chips individually into the batter letting the excess batter drip off and carefully place into the heated oil. Be careful, the oil could might flair up and splatter, place the sliced pickles in- stead of dropping them in the oil. Once both sides of the sliced pickles are browned take them out and place them on a stack of 4 paper towels to drain the excess oil.

I really liked this post because I thought it was very amazing how someone could think of such a unique recipe. It reminded me of the time when I’ve read a post on making lemonade with strawberry flavored ice cubes. I’ve actually tried making it after I’ve read the post! You can make it by putting strawberry flavored ice cubes into lemonade, which I personally think is a great mixture! I love the flavor of sour lemonade mixed with the sweet strawberry juice!

These amazing unique recipes aren’t hard to make, you just have to think in a different way than other people. I think this is why famous artists such as Picasso and Van Gogh are famous. They think in an unusual way, in other words, they think differently, and express their feelings with paper and paint. This is why I admire them, I admire the way they think, and how they ignore negative comments about their paintings, because nobody in this world has the right to judge you and nobody has the right to say that you’re not perfect!

SIS Halloween Dance Food

By Avivi

November 4th, 2012

       On October 19th, the door gates of Shekou International School slowly opened. A handful of excited, anxious and eager students dressed in numerous different costumes rushed into the decorated, colorful lobby. There was a long row of tables put together covered by a fancy Halloween tablecloth. The tables held a variety of tasty foods that were all carefully made by parents. The food looked very mouth- watering and all held a theme of Halloween.

Varieties of the Food at the Dance

It was interesting how there were many different varieties of food at the Halloween dance. Instead of everyone just bringing chips, which is the most common snack at parties; there were bakeries such as cupcakes and cookies, Korean snacks such as kimbap, fried food such as corn dogs, and even healthy snacks such as celery, carrots, grapes, and oranges. But did the students enjoy the food?

A variety of different food at the dance

Did Students Enjoy the Food at the Dance?

“I thought the food at the dance was very nice, it was really amazing how there was a mix of junk food and healthy food. I thought that there was going to be mostly unhealthy snacks, but it turned out to be a mix. I also enjoyed not just the junk food but also the healthy ones.” Says Selin, a sixth grader who has only had her first dance at SIS.

Another sixth grader, Eileen says that she really enjoyed the food, and wasn’t disappointed at all. Instead, she was surprised by how there was a variety of snacks. She also really liked both the healthy and the unhealthy food.

“I thought the food at the dance was really good. It was better than last year’s because it was prettier and more decorated. I like the Halloween themed foods.” Says Amanda, a seventh grader.

“I thought the food at the dance was very good. The food was better than last year’s because it looked prettier than last year’s; and there was a variety of different types of food.” Says Shanna, another seventh grader.

A box of witch- hat oreo cookies which a lot of people thought was pretty.

Opinions From Students

Overall, it seems as if the students had enjoyed the food at the Halloween dance; sixth graders were surprised by the varieties of snacks at the dance. Seventh graders thought that the food at the Halloween dance this year was better than last years. But do the teachers agree with the students? Do they think that the food made the students too hyper?

Do teachers Agree With the Students?

“I think the food at the dance will be mostly unhealthy; because usually for events like this, the snacks are mostly all unhealthy so it’s likely to be the same this year. Yes, I do think that the food at the dance will make the students hyper. But they’re at a dance, so they should be jumping around and having fun, and using all the energy they just consumed!” Says Ms. Qavi, who was interviewed before the dance.

“I thought the food at the dance was very good. The food didn’t make the students too hyper, because there was variety of healthy food and unhealthy food. I especially enjoyed the corn dogs!” Says Ms. Jarr. Who was interviewed after the dance.

Grapes that were poked into a Styrofoam ball by toothpicks.

Opinions from Teachers

The teachers didn’t seem too concerned about the food making students too hyper, mainly because there were both healthy snacks and unhealthy snacks.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the food at the dance a lot, even the teachers! Wasn’t that the whole purpose of a Halloween dance? To provide a fun evening for students to have fun and be in the spirit of Halloween! But will there be a mix of healthy food and unhealthy food next dance? Will everyone enjoy the food?

Food at the Halloween Dance

Reflection on Rasberry Pineapple Smoothie

Smoothies were always something I loved making. I always liked how I get to chose the flavor of the smoothie by mixing and matching fruits and juices together. I found a post on a really interesting flavor: raspberry and pineapple.

Here are the ingredients for making a 16oz raspberry and pineapple smoothie:


One 8 oz can sliced Pineapple in Pineapple Juice

Two Handfuls of Frozen Raspberry

One 6 oz container of Vanilla Yogurt

6 oz of milk

Now all you got to do is throw all the ingredients into a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth.

I thought this post was really cool because I’ve never heard this flavor of smoothie before. This post is also very useful, because it gave me all the ingredients for making a raspberry pineapple smoothie.

This post reminded me of the first time I’ve made smoothies in Canada. I was watching TV because I had nothing to do. Then I saw this commercial on a blender. The commercial said that the blender was really useful because it could make almost any food or drinks such as juices, ice creams, smoothies, soups, and even bread! I was really interested in the blender because it could make bread, so I didn’t change the channel. The commercial showed how to make different foods and drinks with the blender. When they got to smoothies, I suddenly remembered that we had a blender at home. It was mostly new because my mom has only used it once to make apple juice. I really wanted to try making smoothies by myself, so I turned the TV off and went to prepare ingredients. I swung the refrigerator door opened, and luckily, I found ingredients I need. There were a carton of milk, a small carton of cream, strawberries, blueberries, ice, and sugar.

I first tried making a strawberry smoothie with a cup of milk, half a cup of cream, strawberries, six cubes of ice, and three spoons of sugar. I threw everything into the blender and blended until everything looked smooth. Then I poured half a cup and tasted it. It actually tasted better than I imagined, sweet and creamy with a little hint of strawberry. Then I tried making blueberry smoothie by adding the same ingredients except changing the strawberries into blueberries. It tasted the same as the strawberry smoothie, but more creamy. I thought the strawberry smoothie tasted better than the blueberry smoothie. Overall, I thought my first experience of making smoothies was pretty good. I think I’ll try making the raspberry pineapple smoothie next time!

Japanese Food

I’ve always liked Japanese food. In fact, I just went to a Japanese restaurant last week with my sister and my mom. There were so many choices of food to choose from on the menu, I didn’t know what to get! So I decided to make a list of all the food that I was interested it in, then choose from them. I looked at the menu for a long time. Finally, I chose what I wanted to eat, ‘gyudon’, which was beef and sauce covered on top of rice. It tasted delicious! I loved the taste of the beef and sauce mixed together with the rice. It gave the plain rice a special flavor.


My sister ordered ‘soba’ which was a type of noodle that was made out of buckwheat and was as thick as spaghetti. It was served cold and was dipped in a special type of sauce. I tried some of it and it tasted good but not as great as my ‘gyudon’ :P!


My mom ordered a Japanese styled pizza which was called ‘okonomiyaki’. It was just like pizza except with seafood, vegetables, meat, and a type of salad covering it. At first, when it was just served, it was on a hot pan, which made a seaweed looking type of food wiggle around. The first time my mom gave me a piece to try, I refused to eat it because I thought that the seaweed- like food was alive. But now I know that it was just the heat that was causing the seaweed- like food to wiggle and move around (phew!). Overall, I really do like Japanese food, and will eat it again next time.

Seafood okonomiyaki - 完成




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Reflection on Sweet and Tart Plum Sauce for Pancakes


I just found a really neat post that teaches you how to make sweet and tart plum sauce for pancakes: I thought the recipie was easy to make. It only takes about 3-5 minutes to make the sauce, and about 10 minutes to make a healthy breakfast.

Here’s the recipe:


l  1/4 cup butter

l  1/4 cup sugar

l  2 cups fruit, cut the fruits into cubes in 1/2 inch chunks (it can be any types of fruits)

l  1 Tablespoon flour

1. In a saucepan over medium to low heat, and melt butter.

2. Add in sugar and stir to mix the butter with the sugar and to melt it.

3. Pour fruits in and stir, then let it heat up for a minute.

4. Sprinkle in your flour and stir the mixture well.

5. Boil your mixture for one minute, stir constantly.

6. Reduce your heat to low and let the mixture simmer for 7-9 minutes to let it thicken up. If you want your sauce to be thinner, then only cook this for a few minutes. If you’d like the sauce to be thicker, then cook for 10-12 minutes.

7. Enjoy your sauce with pancakes.

I thought this post was really neat, because I never knew you could make your own pancake sauce! I thought that it was better this way to make your pancake sauce rather than buying it from a supermarket, because I thought that it was healthier this way. The sauces they sell in supermarkets might not be as healthy, because you don’t know what ingredients they add inside and there might be something that’s bad for your body. But eating it this way is safer and healthier! I really think that I should try this recipe next time and make my own tasty and healthy breakfast!


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Reflection on a Cupcake Bouquet


I’ve read this post about making a cupcake bouquet: It teaches you how to make a vase full of cupcakes. When I first saw a picture of the cupcake bouquet, I was really shocked by the picture, because it was really amazing how roses could be replaced by cupcakes. It made me think of the time when I tried to make cupcakes in Canada. The cupcakes I made were a failure; they looked alright but didn’t taste good at all! When it first came out the oven, my mom took a bite of one, and said that it was good in a weird expression.  Then I took a bite of one and it tasted weird, like flour mixed with a ton of sugar. I didn’t like it, and I quickly spitted out the bite that I just took. When my mom saw my reaction, she laughed a little but then told me that they weren’t too bad for a beginner and that I shouldn’t give up on baking. When I saw the cupcakes in this photo, I really thought I should work hard on my baking skills 😛


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