SIS Halloween Dance Food

By Avivi

November 4th, 2012

       On October 19th, the door gates of Shekou International School slowly opened. A handful of excited, anxious and eager students dressed in numerous different costumes rushed into the decorated, colorful lobby. There was a long row of tables put together covered by a fancy Halloween tablecloth. The tables held a variety of tasty foods that were all carefully made by parents. The food looked very mouth- watering and all held a theme of Halloween.

Varieties of the Food at the Dance

It was interesting how there were many different varieties of food at the Halloween dance. Instead of everyone just bringing chips, which is the most common snack at parties; there were bakeries such as cupcakes and cookies, Korean snacks such as kimbap, fried food such as corn dogs, and even healthy snacks such as celery, carrots, grapes, and oranges. But did the students enjoy the food?

A variety of different food at the dance

Did Students Enjoy the Food at the Dance?

“I thought the food at the dance was very nice, it was really amazing how there was a mix of junk food and healthy food. I thought that there was going to be mostly unhealthy snacks, but it turned out to be a mix. I also enjoyed not just the junk food but also the healthy ones.” Says Selin, a sixth grader who has only had her first dance at SIS.

Another sixth grader, Eileen says that she really enjoyed the food, and wasn’t disappointed at all. Instead, she was surprised by how there was a variety of snacks. She also really liked both the healthy and the unhealthy food.

“I thought the food at the dance was really good. It was better than last year’s because it was prettier and more decorated. I like the Halloween themed foods.” Says Amanda, a seventh grader.

“I thought the food at the dance was very good. The food was better than last year’s because it looked prettier than last year’s; and there was a variety of different types of food.” Says Shanna, another seventh grader.

A box of witch- hat oreo cookies which a lot of people thought was pretty.

Opinions From Students

Overall, it seems as if the students had enjoyed the food at the Halloween dance; sixth graders were surprised by the varieties of snacks at the dance. Seventh graders thought that the food at the Halloween dance this year was better than last years. But do the teachers agree with the students? Do they think that the food made the students too hyper?

Do teachers Agree With the Students?

“I think the food at the dance will be mostly unhealthy; because usually for events like this, the snacks are mostly all unhealthy so it’s likely to be the same this year. Yes, I do think that the food at the dance will make the students hyper. But they’re at a dance, so they should be jumping around and having fun, and using all the energy they just consumed!” Says Ms. Qavi, who was interviewed before the dance.

“I thought the food at the dance was very good. The food didn’t make the students too hyper, because there was variety of healthy food and unhealthy food. I especially enjoyed the corn dogs!” Says Ms. Jarr. Who was interviewed after the dance.

Grapes that were poked into a Styrofoam ball by toothpicks.

Opinions from Teachers

The teachers didn’t seem too concerned about the food making students too hyper, mainly because there were both healthy snacks and unhealthy snacks.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the food at the dance a lot, even the teachers! Wasn’t that the whole purpose of a Halloween dance? To provide a fun evening for students to have fun and be in the spirit of Halloween! But will there be a mix of healthy food and unhealthy food next dance? Will everyone enjoy the food?

Food at the Halloween Dance