Reflection on Rasberry Pineapple Smoothie

Smoothies were always something I loved making. I always liked how I get to chose the flavor of the smoothie by mixing and matching fruits and juices together. I found a post on a really interesting flavor: raspberry and pineapple.

Here are the ingredients for making a 16oz raspberry and pineapple smoothie:


One 8 oz can sliced Pineapple in Pineapple Juice

Two Handfuls of Frozen Raspberry

One 6 oz container of Vanilla Yogurt

6 oz of milk

Now all you got to do is throw all the ingredients into a blender and blend until the mixture is smooth.

I thought this post was really cool because I’ve never heard this flavor of smoothie before. This post is also very useful, because it gave me all the ingredients for making a raspberry pineapple smoothie.

This post reminded me of the first time I’ve made smoothies in Canada. I was watching TV because I had nothing to do. Then I saw this commercial on a blender. The commercial said that the blender was really useful because it could make almost any food or drinks such as juices, ice creams, smoothies, soups, and even bread! I was really interested in the blender because it could make bread, so I didn’t change the channel. The commercial showed how to make different foods and drinks with the blender. When they got to smoothies, I suddenly remembered that we had a blender at home. It was mostly new because my mom has only used it once to make apple juice. I really wanted to try making smoothies by myself, so I turned the TV off and went to prepare ingredients. I swung the refrigerator door opened, and luckily, I found ingredients I need. There were a carton of milk, a small carton of cream, strawberries, blueberries, ice, and sugar.

I first tried making a strawberry smoothie with a cup of milk, half a cup of cream, strawberries, six cubes of ice, and three spoons of sugar. I threw everything into the blender and blended until everything looked smooth. Then I poured half a cup and tasted it. It actually tasted better than I imagined, sweet and creamy with a little hint of strawberry. Then I tried making blueberry smoothie by adding the same ingredients except changing the strawberries into blueberries. It tasted the same as the strawberry smoothie, but more creamy. I thought the strawberry smoothie tasted better than the blueberry smoothie. Overall, I thought my first experience of making smoothies was pretty good. I think I’ll try making the raspberry pineapple smoothie next time!